Whack a Mole is the process of stopping something that occurs continuously in a random manner that is being found at the point of occurrence that is stopping spammers’ email-account etc. DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-service) is a kind of cyber attack which presents a serious warning to an organization’s capability to serve its clients. This attack can threat a company’s web site offline and can make it powerless so that the company cannot respond to the legitimate requests from customers. Go ahead with this article to know about this online harassment!

DDoS Attacks Threats are increasing!     

This illegal DDoS attack is becoming cheaper and easy to process so that a law enforcement response to DDos as a service has been given.  Various organizations are working seriously to break down DDoS attacks. Organizations should protect themselves by installing DDoS protection. Otherwise the threats will be increasing day- by-day. A huge number of websites were becoming a victim of this DDoS attack. This is because hackers have aimed a website or computer to make it unavailable by flooding too much traffic on the website. The goal of hackers is to make that online service unusable. They made the system inoperable as a result the organizations cannot meet genuine demand from their customers. The traffic can be made with fake packets, supplying more data than this maximum number, connection requests, and incoming messages. The threats are becoming higher because attacker found it easy to perform. Hackers use several Internet-connected systems to get the amount of traffics for these attacks. The systems comprise of Internet of Things devices, Cloud Computing instances, Mobile devices etc. Cyber attackers also take the advantage of DDoS botnets to monetize their attacks by providing DDoS as a service. Cybercriminals are making huge profits from these attacks by investing a reasonable or low-cost price.

The Enforcement of law takes down for these attacks are not enough. Targeting the infrastructure of cybercriminals is quite difficult for the law enforcement. A DDoS botnet involved C2 servers that is the command and control, DGAs which means using domain generation algorithms and also include various other tools which helps them to move or transfer their infrastructure quickly into another before the law enforcement could investigate and take it down. Some law enforcement company has actively participated in shutting down some sites called “booter” and arrests their contractors. Law enforcement companies can take advantage of SPOF in the business model. Customers need to interact with DDoS service operator and provide them a payment. The Dutch police have actively engaged and successfully shut down 15 sites and arrested the operators. Still these operations are going on. DDoS as a service industry is still active and they easily set another new web site and operate these criminal activities. Due to the adoption of new and modern technologies such as IOT, mobile etc is improving its capacity of their manufacturer to secure them from being misused. With these new advances the number of DDos botnets are also increasing day-by-day.

Some law enforcement companies such as The Dutch Police, The FBI that is Federal Bureau of Investigation are really trying their best to fight DDoS attacks but fighting against DDoS through booter site, shutting down, arresting is a kind of losing battle.

Marking the attack is very difficult, for that companies should take their own protection against DDoS attacks. As long as the attacks become more reasonable, well-known and easy to access the more number of organizations will be targeted. Companies should make their cyber-security strategy. Blocking and investigating the attacks with huge traffic volumes is the best option to fight against DDoS.

Whack-a-mole, how it works!

This is an arcade game by which the players earn some points. They use a mallet to whack mechanical moles as they come out of their holes and the individuals engage with Whack-a-mole stop the spammer by informing the ISP that gives the spammers e-mail service. Aaron Fechter invented this Whack-a-mole.

Hope this complete guide will help you to become more careful with your online service, computer etc. Don’t forget to check our next update! Till Then stay Safe and Take Care!

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