Hello Games announced the Prisms update for No Man’s Sky , which brings a significant and stunning visual overhaul that improves the game’s aesthetic and adds new effects and features.

The sheer number of new visual effects is too large for us to list — the best way to explain the new visuals is to check them out in the trailer above. According to Hello Games, “virtually every aspect of the game has had a visual overhaul.” The update uses both new technology and new art to improve the visuals across the board.

To give a quick overview, the game has improved reflections, added new texture effects, increased biome detail, added volumetric lighting effects, added light refraction effects, improved starfields, added fur to creatures and much more.

Weather effects have also been improved, with “rain which refracts the light and surfaces that become slick and wet,” along with caves that have new lighting effects and more detailed environments, along with a “greater variety of generation.” The night sky will now “shines with the light from thousands of distant stars” and new visual and audio effects have been added for warping between destinations.

Interior locations have received some love as well, with “volumetric lights, detailed surfaces from Parallax Occlusion Mapping and gorgeous reflective metallic surfaces” added to improve all those shiny metal surfaces. Flying creatures can also now be tamed and adopted as a companion, allowing you to ride them while they fly.

Photo mode now has “improved depth of field and bloom controls,”. So you can properly capture all the new visual upgrades. For those playing on next-gen consoles such as the Xbox Series S/X and the PS5, there are “more detailed reflections, improved lighting quality, more detailed biomes.” As reported last month, DLSS is also now available to PC players, with PC VR support.

Yup, you’ll be able to nurture a ship from an egg until it’s ready to take to the stars. You’ll find their cockpits to be a little more… fleshy than your usual ships. If that sounds cool to you then more power to you; I think it sounds a little gross but who am I to judge?

To go along with the update you’ll also be able to discover the. Origins of the new ships in a new series of missions.

Plus there’s now more features to space exploration, including new lifeforms and objects and well as. NPCs that will interact with you over comms. They’ll either want to trade or might be up to no good.

Finally, on the VR-specific front there’s now improved controls for swimming and new water rendering optimisations for PSVR. A handful of UI fixes round out the update. Alongside a raft of other quality of life improvements for the wider game.

As with the rest of the game since the launch of last year’s. Beyond update, you’ll be able to fly these ships in. VR using either PSVR on PS4 or PC VR headsets on PC. We think No Man’s Sky is one of the best VR games you can buy right now. And updates like this continue to give us reasons to dive back in.

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