Liquidity Capital has announced today the closing of a $10M financing agreement with HackerU, the world leader in cybersecurity services and digital training solutions designed to address the digital skill gap. HackerU partners with top-tier colleges and universities to prepare the global workforce with programs dedicated to the most in-demand job skills including cybersecurity, digital marketing, full stack development, UX/UI design, data science and analytics and more. HackerU is transforming higher education, helping partner organizations meet the increasing need for technical skills and accelerating the transition into the digital economy.

Hacker U training programs empower universities and academic institutions with robust continuing education suites in digital technology and cybersecurity. Every year, these programs enable thousands of students to launch new careers in technology, serving and developing the cybersecurity and IT ecosystems. HackerU is a trusted source for companies, working professionals, students and academic institutions – providing the latest knowledge, skills and experience to build and maintain effective teams of technology and security professionals.  

HackerU plans to utilize the capital to continue its global hyper-growth. The funding facility increases Liquidity Capital’s already large portfolio of SaaS, Cloud, E-commerce & tech sectors companies. “We are excited to be investing in HackerU as they continue to demonstrate tremendous sustainable and scalable growth in their sector. They remain a powerhouse and leader in their field and continue to shape the world’s global workforce.” – Guy Kurlandski, Managing Partner NA, Liquidity Capital.

Currently operating in the USA, Europe, Asia & Israel, HackerU has a growing network of also university partners. Offering career-focused education designed to help students transition. Into also critical “new collar” roles – with structured monitoring and coaching including career guidance and networking events. And culminating in the placement of learners with local, national and international job opportunities.  HackerU’s success stems from their commitment to extraordinary student experience, highest stakeholders’ satisfaction, rapid relevant product innovation by staying abreast of the digital changing environment, accelerated distribution strategy, exceptional market-driven training, and above all making a positive impact on today’s global workforce. 

“With Liquidity’s capital infusion. We are also able to make an even larger generational impact. And continue accelerating also the transition into the digital age at a faster pace. We transform lives, by educating global learners for the digital career of tomorrow.” – Dan Vigdor, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, HackerU. 

Liquidity Capital offers tech startups a one-of-a-kind funding alternative, enabling them to. Double down on their hyper-growth without giving up equity. Its trajectory-based funding model allows them to work with startups and growth stage companies side-by-side, taking on financial risk. Liquidity Capital funds SaaS providers also that demonstrate over $3M in . ARR and 30% year-over-year growth, with an average ticket size of $3M-$100M.

“HackerU was in the envious position of having multiple funding options, we decided on. Liquidity Capital as also the best partner. They clearly understood our company quickly, aligned on our mission and vision, with a swift and fair execution and terms. I would highly recommend that any growth company engages with them.” – Gil Adani Co-Founder and CEO of HackerU. 

Recently Liquidity launched its sister fund. Mars Growth Capital in Singapore together with its partner MUFG to operate in South East Asia. Liquidity has also recently released its proprietary system, Liquidity. Dynamics, the most advanced, real-time predictive modeling platform as a software service for VC’s and other investment professionals.

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