A number of measures and steps were undertaken to ensure Elevatus’ compliance to GDPR. Such measures included reviewing their third party vendors, and dropping personalized advertising in the EU. In addition, the tech company reviewed their security infrastructure to make sure that all the various functions were segregated properly, both at a technical and operational level.

Yanal Kashou, the Chief Data Scientist at Elevatus, was assigned as the Data Protection Officer to maintain and implement audit continuity and compliance with GDPR. He shared that “We improved our security significantly, as we now have a data governance and compliance program at Elevatus, that continuously allows us to audit and improve our processes. GDPR can be a great framework and asset for businesses to raise awareness internally, educate their personnel, and foster a culture that values data privacy.”


Elevatus declared that their policies were written, changed and updated, according to GDPR guidelines. Elevatus’ team of experts established themselves as data processors and controllers. Where they automated data retention policies, and clarified the access and legal rights of their data subjects. Some of the rights deduced from the policy were either contractual. Based on a legal obligation, or weighed according to legitimate interest.

By implementing privacy by design. Elevatus ensured that the system architecture includes controls, specifications, processes, and policies that certify the protection. Of personal data also as part of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). The tech company also took this initiative to facilitate their client’s rights to access, rectify, and erase their data.

Furthermore, the GDPR compliance increases alignment with evolving technology. It instills deeper trust also in clients and reduces data maintenance costs. With GDPR, arbitrary decisions cease to exist, as companies cannot make decisions based on individual data alone. Elevatus has taken all the necessary steps to be continuously compliant and responsible. Therefore ensuring a sense of comforting security amongst employees, clients and business contacts. 

About Elevatus

Elevatus is a one-stop solution provider for an automated decision making process, that utilizes. A.I and emerging also technologies to make everyday decisions easier. Elevatus provides a unique solution that helps businesses worldwide achieve greater success and unleash their full potential. 

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