Australian airlines on their 60th anniversary promoted their premium economy class in china. The promotional event was held in shanghai and china’s capital Beijing. They used Augmented reality (AR) as the source for their promotion. AR or augmented reality is a process of interactively experiencing a real-world environment or object through computer-generated perceptual information using a device. The Australian airline had previously launched their AR app “myAustrian Premium Economy” created by ViewAR that enabled the users experience the premium economy seats where the user cab place a chair in the living room and the app will show as if it is the premium economy class seats. It received  an outstanding response. After its success they decided to celebrate their 60th anniversary by promoting their premium economy class through AR in china and thus, entrusted it to their live marketing agency called “Stargate group”. The Stargate goup planned and developed an AR concept for the promotional event in china with the extended cooperation of ViewAR and asked them to support their showcasing of the newest service in china. The whole promotional event was based purely on AR as to avoid transport and Tax hassle.

For showcasing and to let the audience experience the seats within the designed scene a set of EXCHIMP HMD adapters were used. Those devices cost only $150 euros and was combined with a smart phone tracking system. But the experience was almost similar to HoloLens.

During the showcasing the user would experience exactly a premium economy class seat wearing the AR device. The promotional event was outstanding that it itself brought up the power of Augmented Reality.

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