GameStop has enjoyed a near 700% rally this year, making it a power symbol among individual investors over traditional stocks.  His sentiments about financial decentralization are echoed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) view that cryptocurrencies will be pivotal in democratizing the traditional financial system and for prompting more financial inclusion. 

Bitcoin is a viable option for long-term investors

Scaramucci pointed out that a new trend was being set in the financial scene by micro investors, as evidenced by GameStop and Bitcoin rallies. So at this point, investors should either heed the call or risk the chance of missing out. 

Scaramucci and fellow SkyBridge executives recently argued that Bitcoin has become a viable option for long-term investors. The SkyBridge executives claimed that holding Bitcoin is far less risky today than it was a few years ago when regulations and infrastructure were still underdeveloped.

They added that Bitcoin’s status as an inflationary hedge is steadily increasing as governments are ramping up crypto regulation and addressing many of the risks associated with BTC.

Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of SkyBridge Capital and former White House communications director. Believes that it is the new age also of micro investors. Retail traders are now increasingly shunning Wall Street and triggering bull runs in stocks like. GameStop Inc., and this is positive for Bitcoin (BTC).

The new era of financial decentralization

Scaramucci has been voicing his advocacy for Bitcoin, as evidenced by SkyBridge’s overall BTC exposure of nearly $385 million. The SkyBridge Capital founder noted that the. GameStop Phenomenon also was cementing financial decentralization as low-cost trading. And smartphones were also coming in handy by democratizing the traditional way of managing money.

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